Judith West

Judith is an Appointed Representative of the WPA Healthcare Practice.

WPA is a medical insurer unlike any other. We are ethical and not-for-profit. We can offer cover to individuals, families and businesses large and small.

We offer discounts for self-employed people because if they are affected by illness or accident they need to get attention and back to work as quickly as possible.

Families and individuals are important to us and we can offer multi-generational policies to cover whole family groups.

We are passionate about making sure our customers receive the best medical attention where and when they need it.

Many people that become our customers are surprised by how cost-effective the fees we charge are. They are also pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to claim and our team of medical experts who are on hand to help with the management of the treatment they receive. All in all we are the best kept secret of the insurance world!

We only do private medical insurance as that’s what we are brilliant at! Make sure you take advantage of our offers that are given from time to time. Never ever be tempted to buy medical insurance without speaking with WPA first!